Get Gasoline & Diesel Mini Depot Delivery Services at Best Price in India

Sky Lit Biofuel (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading and speedy mini depot delivery service provider company that delivers all types of fuel mini depots at low cost like Gasoline Mini Depot, Diesel Mini Depot and Petrol Mini Depot.

The mini-depot is a delivery service that will deliver gasoline mini depot, diesel mini depot and other fuels depot to your door. We provide a full range of services, from fuel supply to maintenance. Businesses or private customers can order their liquid fuels through our in store or online shop.

Skylitbiofuel is a revolutionary solution to the world’s clean energy crisis and the continued dependence on fossil fuels. We have created a proprietary technology that allows us to turn any organic waste into high-quality biofuels that are 100% sustainable, carbon neutral, and renewable.

Mini Depot is a mini fuel station that helps you get your vehicle filled up with the cheapest possible fuel, anytime and anywhere. Our prices are 50% cheaper than what you would pay at petrol pumps!